What a Slushy Mess!

FinBut I did it! I ran my first outside hill workout in a while. It had me dodging large deep puddles, slushy messes, ice areas, and running back and forth between the sidewalk and the road. 

These photos don't do much justice to show the conditions, I was just trying to show the hill when I was done running. 

Just a muck image for you. You have to love the finger photo bomb. (Small puddle) 

I will have to say that I really feel for those out East that got hit with snow again. This has been another weird winter. 

This was the end result of today's hill workout. Ran up 3 times which was the same number as last week on the treadmill but didn't wanted to risk getting injured right now. Figured first outside hill run? Yeah, gonna be a bit careful.

Anyways, sorry for the huge images today but I thought I would try using the blogger app... I think I need to be a bit more prepared to use it. It's great though if you you have no computer on hand. ;)

Anyone else run hills today?


Crystal Rhyno said...

Hey Heidi! I know it's been a slushy mess here! Send me an email yourfinesthour@gmail.com I want to run something by you :)